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           Finding a Tinnitus CureAdrian featherstone

Most people probably have their tinnitus symptoms long before they start looking for a Tinnitus Cure.

I am sure my experience of the arrival of Tinnitus and my search for a tinnitus cure will be a common one.

Tinnitus didn’t come into my life with a fanfare and flags waving to announce its arrival...on the contrary it crept in with a stealth I would more likely have attributed to a gifted military campaign planner!

When I first became aware of a background hissing from somewhere in or around my left ear I can’t say it bothered me too much. Its arrival must have been so gradual that it quietly took up residency unannounced and of course uninvited. I naturally thought it had only come to visit, not to make itself an unwelcome partner for life! So at this point I certainly wasn't looking to find a tinnitus cure.

Gradually like a naughty child my tinnitus demanded more and more of my attention. In the quiet of the night it was there. When I was driving on my own it was there. The more I thought about the sounds of tinnitus the more they made their unwelcome presence felt. A vicious cycle was developing and I was very uncomfortable with it.

I took myself off to see my doctor to find out what causes ringing in the ears. I expected to be given something for it and that it would go away. Not so. Instead I was told that I had tinnitus and that there was not any tinnitus cure currently available . It would probably be with me for life and that I would have to learn to live with it.

Some months later with my new partner within now waking me up in the middle of the night and imposing itself more and more on my life I found myself becoming very, very stressed by it. I knew I needed a tinnitus cure and I needed that tinnitus cure fast.

I now demanded some action from my doctor. Although still insisting that there was no tinnitus cure available he arranged a consultation for me at the local hospital with an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist. That was then followed by a series of auditory tests and finally an MRI head scan.

With no physical cause isolated for this ringing in my ears, the nearest thing to a tinnitus cure they had to offer me was a course of tinnitus retraining therapy. Here I was told to reduce the stress in my life, to change my diet, stop drinking alcohol and take more exercise. Not easy. I was a highly stressed MD of a busy, noisy business in a high stress industry working 50 -60 hours a week.

That job is behind me now but I was determined that if no tinnitus cure was available then I would find a way of dealing with these sounds of tinnitus living in my head.

I am happy to say that after a great deal of time, of trial and error and research I have to a very great degree achieved that goal. Not a complete tinnitus cure because Tinnitus is still with me, but for the most part it doesn’t trouble me at all.

I earnestly hope that within the pages of this website I might be of some help to you in achieving your own goal of an acceptable tinnitus liberation.

Adrian Featherstone.

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